About Wristband Connection

About Wristband Connection

Wristband Connection is much more than a custom silicone wristband sales company.  We work together as a team or a family and we treat our customers like family too.  We are truly interested in your wristband needs and we can help you raise money for your fund raising and awareness programs like no other company can.  Nobody knows custom silicone wristbands like we do.  WristbandConnection.com is one of, if not the only true wristband specialist in the USA.  We do not sell hats, tee shirts or any other item.  Just silicone wristbands, rings and custom silicone bands of all kinds and sizes.  Whether you want one personalized silicone wristband or fifty million, we can absolutely fulfill your orders!

In February 2005, Wristband Connection’s president Victor Rey, was one of, if not the very first, to provide no minimum order, custom silicone wristbands online.  At the time, the minimum order was 1,000 wristbands and the price was over $1,100 just to get started!  Today, because of our massive purchasing power and demand for custom silicone wristbands, prices have dropped dramatically.  In 2011, our passion for personalized silicone wristbands is stronger than ever and we have more than ever to offer! Our custom Broad Bands™ are a prime example of our innovation as we are the first and only wristband producer of personalized extra wide silicone wristbands with no minimum order too!

Our state of the art production facility and offices can be found and seen using Google maps and Google Earth.  We have a proprietary wristband loading system that was engineered and designed specifically for us and gives us the ability to insure the best quality personalization of wristbands in the least amount of time.  We have time-tested, consistent, wristband production procedures which our professionally trained experts use to make your custom wristbands look the way you want them.  From pulling from inventory, wristband preparation, personalization, cleaning, inspection and shipping, your custom wristband order will be handled with care and shipped on time.  Nobody can do it better!

Our wristbands are Guaranteed to be 100% silicone by the industries only official mark of quality inside every wristband we make.  The WristbandConnection.com 100% silicone mark assures you that our wristbands are safe to wear, non-allergenic and let us know that we stand behind our wristbands.  To date, no other company has been able to offer the same guarantee and it has been a leading mark for our company alone!  Also, we are the only wristband company who has a written *GUARANTEE to ship on time or your wristbands are free!  This is only possible because of our unparalleled experience, inventory and accurate production procedures.

Our friendly sales staff are experts at creating custom silicone wristband orders. They are ready, willing and fully capable of assisting you with your custom or standard bracelet order.  We are here to help you with your cause or wristband needs.  You can expect only the best help from us, as we are not a company which simply sells silicone bracelets.  If you are not quite sure of exactly the type, color or size of wristbands to order, we are here to assist you.  We even offer assistance for any fund raising event.  Be sure to ask your specialist for more details.

Our Customer service team is exactly that, a team that is dedicated to helping with any issue, if one occurs.  If there is something you do not understand about your order or if we make a mistake, we are here to answer your questions and take care of the issue immediately.  You can expect service with a smile and you can believe we will treat the problem as if our reputation depends on it, because to us, it does.

We constantly work to improve our service and procedures and deliver!  If there is something you feel could be done better, please, let us know.  We appreciate your input and we work with an attitude that we do not “know it all.”  This keeps us healthy and strong!  With over 8 years of daily experience and tens of millions of silicone wristbands produced in our Houston Texas facility, we have the most experience in the industry.    We know it is our customers who make us who we are and hope to be a big part of many of your lives, as you are all a big part of ours.  Even so, we are on a never-ending mission to make your wristband buying experience better and to create new and exciting custom bracelet ideas that you can use in your daily life. Be sure to visit regularly to see our products and progress.

Our ability to grow is strong!  Financially backed by a team of successful company officers who have business experience and expertise of over 40 years combined; we understand what it takes to meet the growing demand for our product.  We have many years of e-commerce, sales and service experience.  Our company officers were raised in a time in which a person’s word was their bond and it was important to treat people well. Because of our experience, we hold ourselves to a strong moral standard that seems to be so rare in business today.  We know it is our service that cannot be copied and since we are always moving forward without fail, our “competitors” and copy cats will continue to come and go as we have watched them do for so many years.   It is our experience and commitment to quality that you can depend on when choosing WristbandConnection.com for your custom silicone wristband needs.