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   LIVESTRONG Wristbands - Buy Just One or Hundreds! You Can Even Get One Personalized


Did You Know?  You can personalize a Livestrong Wristband for yourself or as a gift!

It's a fact, you cannot buy just one LIVESTRONG wristband from LAF, but you can from! We do not make a profit from the sale of LIVESTRONG bands. However, we do offer the only personalization of authentic wristbands which we purchased from LIVESTRONG. Made of durable, long-lasting, non-allergenic silicone, you can wear your authentic LIVESTRONG wristband every single day. Be sure tell everyone about this, as we will purchase 2 LIVESTRONG wristbands from LAF for each personalized LIVESTRONG wristband we sell.

  Option 1: Buy Single LIVESTRONG WRISTBANDS $1.50 each
Customize Your LiveStrong Wristband

Powerful Message for a Great Cause!
    Because the minimum purchase from the Lance Armstrong foundationis $10.00 for 10 LIVESTRONG wristbands, we decided to purchase them for you at $1.00 each and allow you buy just 1 in return from us. The $1.00 still goes to LAF and you only pay a small shipping and handling fee. If you need more than 10 non-personalized LIVESTRONG wristbands, by all means we recommend you buy the directly from If you buy from us, our shopping cart offers several ways to pay, including credit/debit card, check and PayPal.
SIZE Small/Medium Large/Extra-Large  

  Option 2: Personalized LIVESTRONG WRISTBANDS $9.95 $7.99 each
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of your personalized LIVESTRONG Wristbands.


Customize your LIVESTRONG wristbands!!
    By popular demand, we are the only company to offer custom personalization of authentic LIVESTRONG silicon wristbands. Many of our customers buy customized LIVESTRONG bands to honor the life or memory of a friend, or loved one affected by cancer.
     We will purchase 2 LIVESTRONG Wristbands for every personalized LIVESTRONG wristband sold.

SIZE Small/Medium Large/Extra-Large  

We will purchase 2 LIVESTRONG Wristbands for every personalized LIVESTRONG wristband sold. Please tell everyone you know, so we can help raise more money for LAF.

NOTICE: LiveStrong is a registered trademark of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. is in no way affiliated with the Lance Armstrong Foundation. We purchase LIVESTRONG wristbands from LAF and offer a personalization service to those who want a personalized authentic LiveStrong wristband. We give back by purchasing 2 more LiveStrong Wristbands for each personalized LiveStrong wristband we sell. Thank you.