Silicone Wristbands Site Policies Terms/Conditions/Shipping Policy

Site Policies Terms/Conditions/Shipping Policy

The following policies have been written in laymen's terms so everything is clear, concise and easy to understand. Since it is required of all of our customers to accept the site policies before making a purchase from our website, we highly recommend that you read and understand our policies so you understand exactly what to expect from us and so your understand your responsibilities.

Shipping Policies and Free Shipping is the only custom silicone bracelets provider who can actually produce and ship your custom wristbands in one day, even if you have a request for 5000 wristbands, WE CAN DO IT! If our production volume is too high that day to meet your needs, we will do our best to help find a solution to alleviate any issues that could occur. Currently we have production capabilities of up to 30,000 wristbands per day domestically and we can produce as many as many as 380,000 wristbands per day within our offshore manufacturing facilities. As of July 2008, we have kept a silicone bracelet inventory of over 1.3 million wristbands, most of which are available in 3 different sizes. We have made it so simple, that when you checkout, you can pick the production time of your choice, so you do not have to call for a rush upgrade. However, production times are not be interpreted as a guarantee of the date your wristbands will leave our facility. In most cases, we can make your wristbands in the exact number of days stated in the production time drop-down menu which is located in the first page of the shopping cart once you have added a product to the cart. However, this is production time only and your choice of shipping method dictates approximately how many additional business days are needed for you to receive your order.

Again, please remember that the production time is the number of days it will take for the wristbands to leave your facility, shipping time is additional to that. For example, if you place your order with 1 biz day rush, but choose ground shipping, we will produce your order in one day, but it may take 4-5 days for shipping. Additionally, if your order is placed with 6-10 business day standard production, but you choose overnight shipping, your order will be created in 6-10 business days and shipped overnight. Once we ship your wristbands to you, we cannot be held responsible for the time it takes to get them to you. Please read below.

Guaranteed Shipping Dates If you have a specific date in which you need your wristbands, you must call and speak to a sales representative and request a written guarantee. At that time, we will give you an exact date in which your silicone wristbands will leave our American or overseas manufacturing facilities. Even then, be aware that all shipping companies like FedExT, UPST and DHLT, have what they call "delivery exceptions", which you and I call, "delays." Due to this, we always suggest that you order as early as possible.

Free Shipping / USPS - If you elect to use our free shipping option, your order will ship via USPS (United States Postal Service). All orders shipped by USPS, including Free Shipping Method, Priority Mail, First Class Mail, are not insured and we cannot gaurantee delivery dates. We can upon request provide the postage information, such as the ship-out date, the date the order was picked up, and proof that the postage was paid for. Currently the USPS provides limited order tracking information. If an order does not arrive, after it was picked up by a USPS representative, claims will need to be made to the United States Postal Service. We will review all orders on an individual basis, however, Wristband Connection, will not be responsible for any orders that do not arrive or are "lost in the mail". If you need gauranteed delivery or you would like to have tracking for your order, we suggest selecting one of our other shipping options, such as FedEX.

More About Planning for Shipping

If you need to receive your bands by a specific date, please call one of our friendly sales representatives at 800-451-9711 to get the best option to receive your wristbands by your date. For your heartfelt memorial remembering lost loved ones, creating wristbands for foundations, life saving fundraisers that help those in need, and building awareness, we will help you get your wristbands in record time and if possible, in less time than the production time you choose.

To save money on wristbands for birthday celebrations, party mementos, sporting events, charity fundraisers, weddings, bar mitzvahs, team spirit reminders or whichever of the thousands of way wristbands are used, please do your best to plan weeks in advance so they will arrive with time to spare. Our carefully chosen shipping methods are the best way to be able to offer no minimum order for custom wristbands and to get your wristbands to you with the best quality workmanship in a reasonable amount of time. In most cases, we will ship your wristbands the very day we manufacture them, but again be aware that shipping companies do make mistakes occasionally and once they have left our facilities, we are not in control of delivery time. We suggest that you do your best to order your wristbands so that the delivery date is no less than three business days ahead of the day you need them. Production and shipping time should be calculated by *business days, meaning; Monday through Friday and if you order after 2:30pm CST, your production time starts on the following business day. *(business days exclude holidays)

We reserve the right to require a signature upon delivery to insure your wristbands arrive safely into your possession. If you place an order with production times and shipping dates which estimate delivery of your order to be less than 3 business days ahead of the date you plan to use the wristbands and they are delayed because no one is available to sign for the package, you, the purchaser, are held responsible to arrange for someone to be available for redelivery or to pick up the package at the appropriate drop off station.

More about Rush Orders

Being the fastest producers of silicone wristbands in the United States, we produce a considerable number of rush orders daily and we are not always available to fulfill such request. Our production capabilities are constantly growing, but we also receive orders for tens of thousands of wristbands daily as well. We recently delivered 4,000 custom silicone wristbands to a division of Coca-Cola™ in 2 business days for the grand opening of The World of Coca-Cola™. We insured the delivery and they arrived on time! We can get yours to you in sufficient time for your fundraiser, celebration or memorial, but you must call first to insure it can be done and guaranteed in writing. When purchasing custom silicone wristbands from you agree to our refund policy. To date, we are the first and only American wristband manufacturer to offer a written, money back guarantee as well as our exclusive 100% silicone guarantee which we suggest you read to understand its importance. Please speak to one of our knowledgeable wristband service representatives when ordering over 250 wristbands to insure an on-time delivery.


Cancellation Policy

Once you have placed your custom wristbands order with us and the silicone bracelets are in production your order may not be cancelled and fully refunded. Due to the nature of customized silicone wristbands, the base materials are no longer useable to us once actual production has started. By agreeing to the terms and condition of this site at checkout, you will be subject to a cancellation fee of 30%-75% of the entire order depending on which stage of production your wristbands are in. If the order status is marked as is production, but production has not started, no cancellation fees will apply after written approval by a company manager has been issued.


Return Policy

Wristband Connection's refund policies are different for personalized and in-stock items, so please read carefully to understand this policy.

We offer refunds on custom orders only if the order is canceled before production starts or if we do not ship your order before the production time you have chosen at checkout has expired. (See our printable guarantee here)

In the event the color in no way matches your chosen color or the message is misspelled and you have stated in writing a specific need-by date in which we cannot reproduce the wristbands, we will grant a refund. Custom colors will always vary slightly in shade from one order to the next. If you have not notified us of a specific need-by date, we will remake the order correctly.

If the message is correct, but artwork is missing, we will remake the wristbands, but in the event there is no time for a remake and yet the messages and color are correct which deem the wristbands as usable, we will refund any additional fees that were charged for artwork and create a new order which includes your artwork for future use.

If your wristband order consists a stock item that has no personalization, a refund is in order if it's returned in unused condition within 15 days of receipt minus shipping charges and a 15% restocking fee. If it is a packaged item and is opened no refund will be made. No refunds are available if not returned in the allotted time.

Refunds because of delivery errors.

Estimated delivery times posted at are not guaranteed and are the responsibility of the shipping carrier and does not include wristband production time. (Note: production time is the number of business days before your order production is completed and is shipped from our facility and shipping time is the number of business days after that.)

Actual delivery time depends on the shipping options you have chosen at checkout and may be affected by the shipping carrier. You agree that once your order is placed and it does not fall under any of the above or below conditions, it is not refundable since it is a custom product that cannot be used for any other purpose but your own.

Colors may vary between production lots and shades may differ from one color to another. Therefore, we do not guarantee a color match from one purchase to another of any of our wristband styles and such variances is not cause for a refund.

Ordering the wrong size, color, phrase or style for your wristband order does not warrant a refund and a new order will have to be place. Please check your order details carefully at checkout. If you are not sure of your color choice, size, font etc, please feel free to call and speak to a representative for assistance to insure your custom wristbands are exactly the way you want them.

Shipping Responsibilities:

If we ship your wristbands on Monday with overnight shipping to be delivered on Tuesday and the carrier delivers on Wednesday because of their own delay, your claim is with the carrier and not with Wristband Connection, MCV Sales Co. LLC or any of our officers, clients or employees. We cannot be held responsible for deliveries not made on time by the delivery service provider you select in our shopping cart. We suggest ordering your wristbands as many days ahead of your need-by date as possible so your order will arrive on time.

We reserve the right to ship your wristbands with an adult signature required, as many packages which have been left on a front porch or door step have mysteriously disappeared. We do not want this to happen, so you may be required to sign for your package, which is the responsibility of the customer. If no one is available to sign for your wristbands, the shipping company will leave notice of redelivery the following day, or you may pick them up at the assigned shipping facility. Any refused shipments will still be billed the full amount of the original order, including shipping charges, due to the customized nature of our product.


Quantity Pricing

If you wish to order wristbands with a mix of colors, sizes, and / or messages, you will get quantity pricing for the only wristbands that are identical in size, color and message. For example, if you want to order 100 wristbands in 2 sizes in 2 colors (25 medium pink, 25 medium blue, 25 small pink, 25 small blue), you will pay the 25 piece price, not the 100 piece price. Additionally, all wristbands that a quantity discount would apply to must have the exact same message, size and color. Ordering 25 wristbands with different message, size, or color would not qualify you to receive any quantity pricing.


Payment Policy

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept check, money order and electronic transfer as well as official purchase orders from schools, churches and established organizations and government entities. Payment is due at the time of the order. Any "verification email" sent from a sales representative while placing an order over the phone is not a request for payment - your payment will be processed at the time of the order.

We will not put any order into production until we have received valid payment in the form of a credit card, purchase order, check or money order. We are not responsible for delays due to declined credit cards or while waiting for checks or money orders to clear processing. All CUSTOM ORDERS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE unless there is a spelling error that is different from your approved wristband proof. The billing address of the credit card used, must match the statement address for ALL credit card orders. We also reserve the right to verify orders before production in an effort to reduce fraud.

Purchase Order Policy

Schools, churches and customers with an established credit history with Wristband Connection may place orders with us using a purchase order. All other customers must pay at the time of order or fill out a credit application with Wristband Connection. Orders will not be produced until a valid purchase order, check, money order or credit card payment is received.

Please reference your 5-digit order number on your purchase order. Purchase orders may be emailed to or your sales representative, faxed to 713-785-0858 or mailed to: Wristband Connection, Accounts Receivable, 5930 Star Ln, Ste F, Houston, TX 77057. Production on your order will not begin until we have received your purchase order!


Immediately upon receipt of your purchase order, we will mail an invoice to the billing address shown on the purchase order. Payment Terms are NET 30. Your order will be shipped to the requested shipping address on the purchase order.


All invoices more than 15 days past due will have finance charges assessed. Finance charges will be 1.5% of the past due balance, or $5.00, whichever is greater, and will accrue monthly until the balance is paid in full. Please note that customers with a history of 2 or more late payments may no longer have credit extended. Balances of more than 90 days past due may be sent to collections. If that unfortunate event occurs, you will be responsible for all collection fees, legal fees, etc.


Copyright Policy

Wristband Connection respects the creative works of others. We will not produce wristbands with phrases that contain words, or any other items that are trademarked, copyrighted, or patent protected by groups, organizations or individuals. A customer must provide written permission from the trademark, copyright or patent holder. will not be held liable for any copyright infringement or similar violations of protected works if a customer orders a wristband(s) with protected works without proper notification and documentation. The purchasing customer assumes all liability for violations that are not properly documented with To maintain integrity and the reputation of our company, reserves the right to refuse requests that contain rude, profane or vulgar content.


Privacy Policy

We will never sell your information to another third-party company for any reason. Your information will remain private unless you give us explicit permission to use your information. Your information is safe on our site and we do not keep your credit card number on file, so unlike some online retailers, you card number cannot be stolen. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to ensure your information is secure throughout the order process. If you would like your entire visit to our site to be completely secure, simply type “https” in front of our domain name.


Cookies Policy

Cookies are small data files that are served by our platform and stored on your device. Our site uses cookies dropped by us or third parties for a variety of purposes including to operate and personalize the website. Also, cookies may also be used to track how you use the site to target ads to you on other websites.